Our Story

Barão de Souza Queiroz Association for the Protection of Children and Youth was created in 1874 with two objectives: to shelter, protect and provide vocational training to the needy child and to keep the founder's family united around a social work. To this day, the Association, administered by the fifth generation of the descendants of the founder, is the maintainer of Ana Rosa Institute. Ana Rosa Institute was the first private initiative for social assistance and professional education in Brazil. The activities began in the farmhouse of its founder, Francisco Antônio de Souza Queiroz, housing at the beginning 62 students, from 12 years onwards, mostly orphans. In these 143 years, the Institute has been constantly updating itself and offering care, totally free, from daycare to professional initiation courses. Currently, it receives 1,000 children and young people, 300 of which are in the Center for Early Childhood Education (0 to 4 years) full time, 360 are in the Center for Children and Adolescents (6 to 14 years) in the morning or afternoons and 340 are in the Youth Center (15 to 18 years) in the morning or afternoons, participating in Courses of Professional Initiation in the following modalities: Technology and Management, Information & Technology (IT), Gastronomy and Electrician.